The Madonna Phenomenon

In light of Kabbalàh

Dea, an Israeli author of many Kabbalàh book, is now publishing an innovative study on the Madonna Legend in view of the star’s upcoming 60th birthday.

Madonna has been studying the Kabbalàh since many years now. Yet no one had ever thought of analysing her character in light of Kabbalàh, in order to further understand her personality and message from a higher perspective.
The author tries to understand the epochal phenomenon “Madonna” through Kabbalistic lenses, by even daring of reading Madonna’s changes throughout these years in the key of Sefiròt. The personal life of the author is intertwined with the storytelling of the book, revealing a deep connection between their lives.
Why should an Orthodox-Jewish woman and Kabbalàh expert dedicate a book to Madonna, someone who’s apparently so in conflict with all the moral principles of Judaism?
Studying Madonna’s work is not aimed at knowing her ideas, though interesting; it is an attempt of exploring what the Divine Mind wanted to express through them, what the Uncreated Knowledge is willing to tell us by means of this controversial character.


ebook "The Madonna Phenomenon light of Kabbalàh"





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